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Hi, Peg. It was great to work with you and other authors on the Sweetland series. What’s new in your writing world?

Author's Perseverance Pays Off

Peggy Blann phifer

I’ve signed a contract with Helping Hands Press for a new series of my own. This spinoff from the Sweetland Series is called Sweetwater River. The river running through the southwest corner of Sweetland divides the property owned by Rozene Gentry Carson.

The length of the series depends on how long I can keep the plots moving forward. There are six key characters to work with plus new ones along the way.

Volume 1 is Sweetwater River: Ripples.Volume 2 is Sweetwater River: Undercurrents and has just been released. Volume 3 in the planning stage is called Moorings.

How has your personal history influenced your current writing? 
A lot! There’s a little bit of me in every story I write. For example, when I created my character Rozene, I had been a widow for eighteen months. I was grieving, feeling adrift. Creating Rozene helped me deal with my own sorrow.Together, “we” worked our way toward healing. My characters become real and personal for me.


Peg’s Creative Corner

Describe your writing site or special places for inspiration.
I’ve never been one to take my laptop to outside locations. I tried it once when I was still in Las Vegas. Went to Starbucks and settled down to write. Alas, as a devoted People Watcher, I found myself typing snippets about the people I observed, and not one word on my manuscript. I decided the venue wasn’t for me, and I worked at home.
I can’t drive anymore, so being a stay-at-home-writer has served me well. I’ve created my own cozy bedroom/office with a Mr. Coffee, a small microwave, toaster, mini-fridge, and a large desk. I’m content.

What is your number one writing tip for new authors?
I hardly feel qualified to give anyone advice, but I guess if you believe you’re called to write, and if God gives you a story to tell, don’t give up! I know from personal experience there are obstacles. Persevere no matter what.

What would you like to share with High Cotton readers?
Writing is a lonely business. I admit there have been times I wanted to quit. Feelings creep in–“I’m not good enough,” or “nobody is going to want to read this,” and “why am I even trying?” Those are the lies I hear. But God won’t let me give up. He has endowed me with a unique voice. He sends me ideas and new plots that make my head whirl. I’m thankful for an incredible writing experience even late in life.

The truth is we’re never alone. A community of support is around us—help and encouragement from fellow writers. Editors and publishers want our success. God does, too. Whether you’re an author or doing something else, keep your eyes on Him.

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  • Peg Phifer
    July 1, 2015

    Thank you so much, Diane, for allowing me this opportunity to toot my own horn a bit, and for your readers to get to know me a little better.
    You did a great job with this interview and post! Thanks bunches!

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