Blended Families Mystery–”Lost and Found”


A blended family mystery published by Helping Hands Press finds the McKenzie family and favorite detective Virginia Dansforth Livingston joining forces to meet a dangerous foe. Find out who wins in “Lost and Found” from Sonrise In Sweetland

Blended Family mystery Lost and Found


The Story:
Mary Ellen McKenzie lost her home to fire. But she also lost her identity. When the McKenzies move in with grandfather Bernard Thompson and his new wife Virginia, the ancestral home of Sweetbriar comes alive with challenges. Can two blended families give back to Sweetland by hosting an Easter egg hunt? Sound simple? A mysterious phone call changes everything.
Return to Sweetland to see if Virginia’s detective skills will be enough to stand between what is lost and what is found.

Lost and Found is Volume 5 in Sonrise in Sweetland. Sonrise in Sweetland, The Complete Series is a collaborative effort by five authors to bring a springtime of hope to Sweetland and her residents. No matter the difficulties, the Son has risen to bring life to the hurting–-blended families, adoptees, and a whole lot more. Jump into this delightful read from Helping Hands Press and fall in love with the town of Sweetland.

The short story may be purchased or found in the complete series. Enjoy!

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