Christmases Past, The Hidden Song

Return to your favorite time of year—Christmas—through fiction.  In Christmases PastChristmases Pastseven authors conjure up engaging tales sure to put you in front of the fireplace with hot tea or cocoa.  I am one of those authors. The other writers are Andrea Merrell, Doris Gaines Rapp, Patti J. Smith, Sue Badeau, James J. Griffin, and compiler Anne Baxter Campbell.

Each short story may be purchased separately for electronic reading. Christmases Past Complete is available in print or electronic.

The Hidden SongMy contribution, “The Hidden Song”is partially autobiographical.

Experience timeless truths about the real meaning of Christmas and the preciousness of life at any age or condition.

On a cold Christmas Eve, carolers visit the home of the Spencers and release the gift of song for a child prodigy. For Melody Spencer, that Christmas Past launches a chain of events spanning two continents—from 1950s England to Birmingham, Alabama, and back again.

Melody Spencer creates music loved by everyone, but she is filled with fear. Never making an emotional connection to her parents, Melody lives in constant dread she will never please anyone, most of all, God.

Follow Melody to an English boarding school where hearing about the tragic assassination of an American President, John F. Kennedy, changes the way she and her friend, Sheila Walsh, view life and death. What does God think about all of this? The timely arrival of a substitute vicar opens the door to the answer.

But Melody’s journey is not over. She finds love and has her own family, but at times emotional specters raise their heads to torment. How can two British women in a long-term care facility bring a Christmas past that will free her Christmas present?

There’s a hidden song in all of us; will Melody ever truly find hers?

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