Diane Huff Pitts—Five Questions

Diane Huff PittsDiane Huff Pitts (that’s me) was recently asked a series of questions. Very personal. With fear and trembling I’ll let you listen in . . .

Do You Have Any Pets?

“Dogs are for outside, not inside,” I heard my parents say as well as my husband. Outside, until a certain Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix) wandered blissfully into our lives. The dog is now inside. And queen of the house.Diane Huff Pitts

And then there were two dogs.

I thought Dixie the Schnoodle was lonesome. (Maybe I should have asked her.) My remedy to her imagined woes was a Yorkiepoo whose antics resemble a kangaroo.

Dixie and Mia don’t exactly hit it off.

Two insiders? We like it. Small, don’t shed, hypoallergenic. And most of all they love us just as we are. It can’t get much better than that.

What Are Your Musical Tastes?

I enjoy Rascal Flatts, Barbra Streisand, Il Divo, Eagles, Thomas Bergersen (orchestral), John Denver, Bach, the Gettys, Frank Sinatra. Confusing? Sorry.

The choice depends on the mood or task.

Nostalgic? Big band or Frank Sinatra if I’m with my 90-year-old mother.
Eagles or John Denver if I’m daydreaming back to the 70s.

Need writing music? Thomas Bergersen, hands down. Talented with a capital T (for Thomas, of course).

Name Your Top Five Books (or essays, poetry).

Is there a harder topic? For a writer, probably not.

My answers might surprise you.

When I was in elementary school,“The Little Maid”series entertained me in the summer time. I grabbed books every Saturday when my mom took me to the downtown library. The turning carousel squeaked as I picked four or five for my take-home stack. What little girl would appear to help George Washington or Robert E Lee? Those books fueled an early love of history.

Again in grade school, I fell in love with the “Golden Book Encyclopedia.” The pictures, the topics pulled me like a magnet, driving me to learn about anything and everything from space to presidents.

In high school the writings of Bertrand Russell made me weep. I couldn’t understand how anyone could be an atheist. The stark contrast was his mother-in-law Hannah Whitall Smith, the Quaker. The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life

I’ll let you figure out who influenced who.

Anything by Watchman Nee, Chinese dissident and Christian martyr.A Table in the Wilderness

Current writers: Anything by Ann Tatlock or Liz Curtis Higgs. Why? Because Ann Tatlock is a thematic writer who injects plot twists and plumbs the depths of character development. Higgs? She makes me bleed Scotland.

Worst Part-Time Summer Job Ever?

When I was 14 I worked as a teacher aide for a reading program. The children were out of control, and I was a shy teen. My stomach ached and rebelled every morning. I watched the clock every day for six weeks until my sentence was over. Worst ever!

What Is Your Favorite Season?

I will always love fall because it calls to me.
Of putting aside the old.
Taking time to reflect.
Believing spring will come.
And feeling the breath of refreshing breeze after humid, scorching Southern summer.

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