I love writing with other scribblers like myself. We all have a different story to tell. Sometimes we join forces and create a community. That’s exactly what happened when Kathi Macias, then Anne Baxter Campbell partnered with Helping Hands Press for the Sweetland series. A group of writers, each adding a unique voice made Sweetland come alive. Each series has launched as a book.

My contributions to each:

“The Summer’s Dance” in Summer in Sweetland  (Helping Hands Press or Amazon)

“Unseen” in ‘Tis the Season in Sweetland  (Amazon)


Lost and Found” in Sonrise in Sweetland (new release) http://shop.myhelpinghandspress.com/Home_c1.htm?page=3

Special holidays conjure up memories. Want a gift that’s a fun read anytime of year? Consider this one.

“The Hidden Song” in Christmases Past (Helping Hands Press or Amazon)