Donna Scofield—That First Montana Year

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Donna Scofield Donna Scofield loves historical research, and that passion strengthens every line of her new release, That First Montana Year. In fact, in my opinion, it’s the hallmark of this book.

Donna Scofield’s Storyline

What transpires when a young couple get off to a wrong start in 1881? Will and B’Anne face ridicule, shame, disappointment over an unplanned pregnancy and yet nurse a flickering hope. Scofield opens a reader’s imagination with detailed descriptions of travel and daily life for these early Montana settlers.

The details simply garnish the delightful tale of Will and B’Anne as they face the harshness of Montana and the enemies called Fear and Bitterness. Difficulties and judgmental spirits either blend a couple or force them apart.

Couldn’t Put It Down

One page slid into another because I couldn’t put down this simple but frank story—two days, and I read the entire 250+ pages. You’ll feel the same way. I’m sure of it.

Universal Themes

No matter the century, people grapple with universal problems. We are no different than the young couple on the raw frontier. Time doesn’t change the need for vulnerability, truth, and faith.

Kudos to Scofield for a grand novel well worth your reading pleasure.donna

*Published by LighthousePublishing of the Carolinas. Ann Tatlock, editor for historical fiction.

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