Fall Decorations

Fall DecorationsI love fall—the first leaves letting go from their moorings. Early morning crispness. Sapphire sky with wispy clouds sailing by. The emerging fluffs of cotton peeking over the barbed wire fence. But when I swing my windows wide, I want to bring autumn into the house. Fall decorations, come out!

Fall Decoration 5Wreaths Announce the Season

A wreath bridges the outdoors to indoors, announcing what to expect inside. We have a vine wreath posted on our porch that  changes with the season.  I’m not creative, folks, so it has to be simple. A bow here. New plants. A few changes on our porch set the tone.Fall Decorations 1

Table Decorations Set the Mood

Do you conjure up images of apple cider, pumpkin pie, and gumbo (if you’re Southern-born) when you think of fall?

Fall Decoration 3Table decorations create the mood, even if the food and drink are just memories of previous seasons. A basket. A special table cloth. Bronzed candles. Whatever your flare, don’t forget to work magic on your table.

Mantles Aren’t Just for Christmas Stockings

Fall Decoration 4I move everything from the mantle to place a few of my favorites–a bronzed bucket, a Celtic prayer, a vintage bottle, and a nut bread recipe inscribed on a plate. A pumpkin candle or wild orange oil diffuser tease the nose. A warm caramel blanket and green and gold pillows spice up the living room. Bringing Sweet Olive or Wandering Jew sprigs inside adds depth to a mantle or table.

Ah, bring on the season!

Fall Decortions 2

Storing Those Decorations

For each season, we label plastic tubs. Our “Fall” tub also contains Thanksgiving decorations. We set the stage with foundational items, then add more as Thanksgiving draws near. These are a few of my favorite things!

Your Turn

What ideas are brimming? Have you decorated for fall? Would you share pictures or ideas of your favorite things?

My friend Sandi Herron is working on her tablescape right now. Check out Sandi’s site, and stay tuned for fall decorations to appear.

Until we meet again,

Diane, Lover of Autumn and All Things Fall-ish





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  • Sandi
    September 25, 2015

    I love the colors of autumn and decorating inside and out! I enjoy seeing what others do and how creativity seems to come alive during this time of the year! Your decorations look wonderful and I especially like the mantle with the plate!

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