Groom’s Cake—Wedding Venues Part II

He is our oldest son. . . and a die-hard Alabama football fan. What does that have to do with his groom’s cake? Plenty!

Groom's Cake

“Aunt Denise” added an Alabama theme to the groom’s tent. She provided the “Roll Tide” groom’s cake, peanuts, and pompoms. One could almost hear the fight song booming in time with the red and white shakers.


We were blessed with beautiful trifles created by Deborah Manning for guests who 1377959_10153298617805705_1645147495_nwanted a cooler, lighter fare. Those mouth-watering concoctions took center stage in my book.


Across the way, the checkered dance floor waited for the traditional wedding dances.

The play list provided music with a 1940s flavor. But in the meantime,  the younger set decided to play chase. Barefoot!

Isn’t that the purpose of a checkered floor?960058_10200115555667228_1698904565_n-2



Behind the conversation areas and food tables, we provided a flowing white curtain and wooden bench for family photographs. (I won’t tell you how many of us it took to hang that backdrop.) Unfortunately, heat waves prevented lengthy poses, but Sonja Foshee was a pro and snapped quickly.


The wedding venue we called “Legacy Garden” for a reason. The bride and groom celebrated their new beginning in the shadow of nearly 200 years of marriage history–their grandparents and parents. We are grateful for the sacrifices on the part of those who carved that legacy.

But now it is up to Rachel and Jacob . . . and the One who brought them together and will keep them together. For the couple will have differences. Even down to an Alabama Roll Tide cake.

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