Guest House of Gulfport

The Guest House of Gulfport, Mississippi provides visitors with a weekend worth remembering. We loved it, and so will you!

The History of the Guest House

The Guest House came to life circa 1906 and is one of the only true coastal ladies who withstood Hurricane Katrina. Renovated in 2014 by our host, Jason Wilson, The Guest House is a fine example of Queen Anne architecture, boasting a curved corner on the front of the regal home. Enjoy the authenticity of ornate fireplaces, shining wood floors, and a breathtaking stair case.Staircase

The Rooms

Jason thought of everything. The first floor has a totally accessible room—The Crow’s Nest— for patrons. Be prepared to step back in time when staying in any of the second floor rooms.

All furnishings are period pieces, but don’t expect an old mattress. One of the best night’s sleep we’ve enjoyed in a long time. The incredible clawfoot tubs provide a luxurious soak or quick shower—your choice.

Some of the rooms give you a beach view, but you have only to step out the front door and know you’re “home” with the waves just a few blocks away.

The Food . . . The Food

Jason WilsonJason Wilson’s flare for setting a mouth-watering breakfast before you is unparalleled. (In the country we say, “Eating so good, you can hurt yourself.”)

A coffee urn that never runs dry. Pancakes so light they’ll float in your stomach. A blueberry compote to savor. All in all, a breakfast feast to remember.

If you’re an egg-and-grits-lover, no worries. Need heavier fare with bacon and sausage? Jason can supply.

Conversation was superb. We enjoyed getting to know other guests around the antique table.  Although I listened while my husband Darrell engaged everyone, I relished the history of linens and china, trying to go back in time to the coast of the 1900s. I almost made it, but then, it was time to say goodbye. Sigh . . .

Will We Return?

SoapYes, Jason, we’d love to come back. The specialty soaps and creams made especially for The Guest House have become my best friends. (I hope they’ve made me look better, too. What do you think, Darrell?)

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