Jody Hedlund with Luther and Katharina

www.jodyhedlund.comJody Hedlund weaves a historical tale of the champion of Christianity, Martin Luther and his unlikely love, the former nun Katharina von Bora.

A tender look at one person who changed the religious world and another who kept the movement ablaze by her support.

Luther and Katharina.

The Setting and Time

The life and times of Martin Luther were turbulent. Hedlund’s account includes von Bora’s escape from the monastery to her initial interactions with Luther, as reformer and then as common man.

The church steamrolled any who dared stand in the way of their attainment of wealth. The heart of the gospel was twisted as those in power (religious and otherwise) manipulated the people. Against this culture, Martin Luther battled.

The Themejody Hedlund

Can we accept one another and receive love or does an independent, prideful spirit stonewall the very thing we seek?

The Characters

Martin Luther–monk, reformer, professor–sought peace.

The one filled with knowledge was empty of God’s acceptance on the basis of faith. When the story opens, he has found what he sought and wants the world to know there is completion and acceptance with God.

The story portrays forty-year-old Luther as stalked by death but preaching with fire anyway. His one mission in life is to preach truth.

The life he initially chose for himself did not include a wife and family.

Katharina von Bora hailed from a noble family who traded their child to an abbott for favors from the religious mafia. In her twenties, the nun escaped the monastery and ran headlong into the life of Martin Luther.


I couldn’t wait for this book and ordered the print version instead of electronic because I wanted to go “old school” and fold down the pages I liked best.

I highly recommend Luther and Katharina because of the rich story line. For example, although we know Martin Luther was the despised enemy of the religious bureaucracy and many princes wanted his death, did they attempt to poison him? Hedlund incorporates a “what-if.”

Attempts on Luther’s life occurred. Might we also suspect those close to him?

Jody Hedlund is the master of tension.

The love story is perfectly written.

Our culture presses us into a mold unless we are intentional about rediscovering the gospel truth and the path to spiritual liberty.

Martin Luther not only discovered the gift of faith but tirelessly championed it for others. Katharina von Bora surrendered self- sufficiency for a love she sought but never found until Luther.

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