Laughter and A Bowl of Cherries

Laughter is good medicine, and around our house, I’m either laughing with my husband, or he is laughing at me. This past weekend we reached an all time low when I struggled to slice cherries.

A cherry pit stood between me and my fruit salad.

Don’t you love a fruit salad? We do, too, but how can you get the pit out of the cherries without the tediousness.

Laughter UncoreMy husband can figure out most anything. He saw me struggling and said,”I can take that pit out with a coke bottle and a chopstick.”


“I watched a video online.”

I knew we had a coke bottle (the real thing) and chopsticks from a dilapidated wok kit. I was ready to try anything because I needed two salads for separate events.

“Okay, teach me.”

The method.

He proceeded to put the washed cherry, stem side up, on the mouth of the glass soda bottle. Holding the bottle and cherry securely, my husband pushed the chopstick through the cherry. The pit popped into the glass bottle.

I laughed.

Is it because he watched a random video, or I wanted to spice up by ordinary fruit bowl with a beautiful antioxidant?

Two people help each other accomplish a goal and laugh while they do it.

Laughter is good for the soul. Especially when life isn’t a bowl of cherries. During those times we must try to find something to amuse our inner self. I don’t mean escapism, crudeness, or contrivances. Just a good clean chuckle.

CherriesSo in this busy time of starting school, gearing up for a new job, paying bills, caring for extended family. Take a moment to laugh. To be grateful.

And if you don’t have a soda bottle and a chopstick, I hear paper clips work, too.

Until next time, laugh a little.

Diane and Darrell


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