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Karen Kosman
We are pleased to welcome Karen Kosman to High Cotton to preview her recent publication Homecoming, Volume 5 in the Summer in Sweetland series, available on Amazon. (The entire series will be available in the fall!)
Karen has been married for 30 years to her wonderful husband, John. They share a blended family of adult children, 19 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

1. HC (High Cotton): Tell us about yourself and why you are called to write. I worked in the medical field for several years as a trainer for Phlebotomy. Then I was forced to retire because of a diagnosis of Lupus. This was a major change and disappointment for me. I prayed for God’s guidance and He placed it on my heart to begin writing.
2.HC: Is there something unique about yourself, your family or your writing? During my first year of retirement I began attending writer conferences and met several people who became my mentors. My physical symptoms of Lupus vanished. I went to several medical specialists and was told there remained no sign of Lupus. One doctor told me that I may have been misdiagnosed. But, I knew in my heart that God had used that diagnoses to change the direction of my life. Today, as an author I am grateful I listened to God’s calling.
3.HC: Summarize your Sweetland novelette, without giving away the ending!
My story, Homecoming, in the Sweetland series, is about faith, love, hope, tender romance, and trauma. For Kim Goodman, a young college student ready to graduate, too much is going on in her life. She’s exhausted from the last minute push to study for finals and prepare for graduation. Her fiancé, Mark has been acting strange. Will she survive the turmoil that shows no sign of lessening? Turning to God in prayer, Kim waits for His guidance.
4.HC: How does your writing background add flavor to your installment of Summer in Sweetland? Nonfiction has been my mainstay in writing. I’ve learned to write with deep feeling and understanding based on true life experiences. When you’ve experienced the good, bad and outrage in your own life it becomes a part of your ability to write. As I wrote my story for Summer in Sweetland my characters became real to me—I even dreamed about them.
5. HC: What projects are on your drawing board right now? Anything you’d like to write about? I’m working on a nonfiction book proposal. Innocence Reclaimed is a true story about a young girl’s nightmare come true. A story that became a part of LA’s crime history, and eventually was studied in law-schools. A story that reveals God’s love, grace and mercy—it is my true story.

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