Not Yet But Soon


In honor of the Shawn Kennedy family…

Not Yet But Soon

If you could look through my eyes, you would see splashes of white, pink, and green. White cake and fruit dip. Pink Chinese lanterns hang over the tables like hot air balloons. Green filigree laces the “Welcome Vera” cake. Foamy pink punch waits in mauve cups. Bite- sized sandwiches just right for a child’s grasp are stacked on trays.

What is this Saturday gathering at a church?

An adoption shower welcomes a Chinese two- year -old who is not yet in the room although her picture graces the white tables–not yet physically linked to this couple and their two girls. Not yet home. But soon.

Why are these people here–different ages, styles?

They wear splashes of color. Their spirits welcome each other by the smiles on their face and conversations floating from chair to chair, across the room and in the refreshment line. Each person shares a part of herself. She represents another home and family poised to welcome Vera.

What about Vera?

If we could look through her eyes, we would see a different country, a different group of people moving about. In a Chinese orphanage there are many beds, but they all look alike. Every child with almond eyes, midnight black hair, and skin of different hue. Yet they are individuals.These individuals are different from the family that waits to welcome Vera. Different from the friends and family of faith who wait. Vera–not yet home. But soon.Through Vera’s eyes life will be very different. Not yet but soon when the Kennedys are welcomed to China and the orphanage and Vera.

Why is this taking place?

If we could look through the spiritual eyes of the Kennedys, we would encounter a journey. A stirring of hearts in recent past to reach out to one of a different culture, a different history, and an uncertain future.

Females with special needs are not valued in some cultures. Are they valued in any culture? Not yet, but soon there will be a place for Vera, a little girl who will have a home because a family listened to her Heavenly Father, to their Heavenly Father. A family was strengthened to take a journey to establish value for a Chinese toddler with special needs.

Welcome, Vera. You grace us. Teach us.

You are coming. Not yet but soon.

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