Perspective—Does It Take a Lifetime?

I walked uphill on our country road this morning and thought about all I had to do. On the way back, the surroundings looked different. I was going downhill and the beauty in front of me pulled me to the side of the road. Our neighbors always decorate their entryway to fit the season. All thoughts of a to-do list left me. In that moment the creative side beckoned,”Just a picture. Or two.”

I drank in the colors of a lifetime––popping pink, vintage black, haystack brown––against seventh heaven blue and Scottish green. The second picture gave me a different perspective, reminding me of the people who live in the house. Gracious people who love their extended family and community. These loving relationships have been good for their health and to the wellbeing of the community.

As I returned home, I compared the walk downhill and the two pictures with my view of the day.

I can either live with a negative view of all I think I need to do or live in the moment and enjoy what I am doing. High cotton living is never without work. The fields around me attest to that.

“As we think, so we are.” For some, it may take a lifetime to see this as a reality. I hope I realize it now.

Perspective is everything.
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