Aging Gracefully, The Summer’s Dance

Vol 2

Aging gracefully doesn’t mean rocking chairs. Not for Virginia Livingston. “Assisted living” spells mystery and romance for her in The Summer’s Dance.

“The Summer’s Dance,” the short story,  is here! The Summer’s Dance from Summer in Sweetland.


The Story:
Virginia Danforth Livingston isn’t born into money but has access. The world unravels around Virginia with one ring of her doorbell.

Will the matriarch of Sweetbriar mansion and founder of Livingston Investigations lose Sweetbriar and with it her identity?

Across town at The Breckinridge, Dr. Bernard Thompson meets his match when Virginia shows up in the assisted living facility.

Will romance bloom when things heat up this summer or will memories strangle new growth?

Small town problems become big ones when things start disappearing. Mysteries abound. Does Geraldine Gibson, the quirky lady in purple, have the answer?

Can the unlikely trio of Virginia, Bernie, and Geraldine find the culprit or is there bigger fish to fry?

Volume 2 gives us a bird’s eye view of Sweetland and neighboring New Beckton. Characters you come to love are right over the backyard fence in Sweetland, and after the summer’s dance, life is never the same.


Order the entire series:

Summer in Sweetland Complete (My Helping Hands Press paperback)

Summer in Sweetland Complete (Amazon paperback and kindle)Aging gracefully, Summer in Sweetland


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