Tracy Higley—Author of Romantic Suspense

Tracy L . Higley, curator of “your portal to the ancient world,” not only writes masterfully, she travels the globe to feed the source. A recent release, Awakening, is no exception.

Tracy Higley

A Central Theme

Tracy Higley’s Awakening, published in 2014 by Stonewater Press, is a dive into the unknown.

The heady pace takes the reader from one world to another, blending allegory with a question humanity has asked since the dawn of life—”What is truth?”

The Cover Gives Us Clues

Examine the cover. Don’t miss the two structures. One rising from the shoreline and the other mirrored.

How can reality touch fantasy? Through her journaling, Kallista Andreas, the main character, blips from a big city museum to an ancient isle destined for destruction. And the main character has only been in “this world” for seven years.

I did not examine the cover or read the summary before plunging into the narrative but not to worry . . . one cannot escape the gloom, foreboding, and suspense seeping from the first pages.

Don’t miss the cover’s clues.


I like the way Higley handles romance—clean. She let me know early in the book a romantic element existed, but Higley developed it slowly. Because the entire novel is from Kallista’s point of view, I found getting into Dimitri’s head more difficult. Perhaps this kept me wondering about the mystery man, just as Kallie did. This plotted approach to characterization did not detract from the suspense or romance.

Be prepared for twists and turns. Stay with the characters. You won’t be disappointed.


I was really impressed that Tracy Higley went to Egypt, Venice, Santorini for firsthand knowledge of her setting. If you like detail, the author delivers.


This is where I don’t want to give away the development of the search for Truth. The paths are in two worlds—real and fantasy. But in the end, only one answer remains. Immerse yourself in the maze, put on your thinking cap, and plan on a steady but thought-provoking read which you could read again . . .and again.

Tracy Higley’s Awakening. That’s what’s on my kindle this week. Stop by again and let’s talk books.

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