Travel Scotland

Sometimes I go in my dreams. Sometimes I go in real time. It’s usually this time of year. Travel Scotland.

About three years ago my husband Darrell and I decided life was too short not to invest more fully in one another. He invested in me by asking a question.

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

Without hesitation, I replied, “Scotland.”

Travel Scotland

Edinburgh Skyline

I know. Braveheart or (Liz Curtis Higgs) stunning Scottish fiction might cross your mind. For me, the words slipped off my tongue as easy as water from the highland mountains. Quick and without reserve.

So began a love affair with a country I will never get over. Never cease to marvel about. Tingle just thinking about her people and landscape.

In tense moments when I need to get away or when I least expect it, scenes from Edinburgh, Oban, or Inverness tease the corner of my mind. On a daily basis, I think of the good friends we made on the Isle of Skye. Two trips now to Old Church B & B on the isle, and I’d go again tomorrow if the coins were in the coffers.

Or if life would permit the trip.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Planning the trip was fun. No tours. No hotels. Just bed and breakfasts and our crazy car rides on the wrong side of the road. And sometimes on the wrong side of the off ramps. (Darrell, I know I wasn’t supposed to tell them that story. . .)

How did I plan? I studied the map and consulted Secret ScotlandUndiscovered ScotlandVisit Scotland, and Trip Advisor. Conquer Scotland’s perimeter, at least part of it, in nine days. That was my goal.

And we did.

I like to think God was sitting beside me as I poured over the sites . . . Edinburgh. Fort George. Inverness. Loch Ness. Skye. Glencoe. Sterling.

But the nuggets we found after we arrived, made the trip.

“What are the top three ‘must-see’ places in your area,” I asked. The locals never disappointed us.

Travel Scotland

Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh

Holyrood Abbey, Cawdor Castle, Urquhart Castle, and Portree were a few of the unexpected detours. Our favorites.

If you plan to make THE trip, keep these things in mind:

  • Remain a few days in each region.
  • Bring a topical to keep the highland midges away. (Read to find out what they are!)
  • Take a small umbrella and poncho.
  • Check out Explorer Pass.
  • Buy advanced tickets to avoid long waits.
  • Don’t go the week(s) before school starts. (Crowds . . .)

Share your travel plans and tips with us in the comments section.

Until next time,

          Diane and Darrell


Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

  • Kimberly
    August 12, 2015

    I had the chance to go to England twice for work in 1998. Its incredible. I wish everyone had the chance to go to their dream spot in Europe just once. Once to London then Manchester and Liverpool. Second trip Manchester to a small town sooth of London. My first trip I visited a small pub for lunch with my British co-workers. The menu was on a blackboard behind the bar. The first item was Southern Fried chicken I laughed and said I didn’t travel all the way there for Southern Fried chicken. They laughed and said “You have never had an English chicken.” Lovely people.

    • Diane Huff Pitts
      August 12, 2015

      We haven’t made it to England yet but would like to. I do like the chalkboards they use even in Scotland. Thanks for sharing! Come again!

  • Shelia Carroll
    August 12, 2015

    I had the privilege of going to Australia this past June to visit a friend. This has been a dream of mine since I was 16. The Lord blessed me by allowing this dream to come true. Held a Koala bear (Walter) and fed several kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef (never saw Nemo tho). I even left a souvenir with them when I dropped my daughter’s underwater camera while snorkeling 🙁

    Australia is an amazing place to visit if you get the opportunity. Spent two weeks there and still could not see everything. Maybe the opportunity will come again.

    Oh yeah, the lamingtons are a must if you get there. This is one of their deserts. So yummy!

    • Diane Huff Pitts
      August 13, 2015

      Don’t know that I’ll make it down under, but I can see how you would enjoy. So sorry about the souvenir!

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