Romance Mystery, “Unseen”

Sometimes our enemies are unseen. Find out how in this romance mystery.


Rob and Mary Ellen McKenzie are to be envied during the holidays—new home, 5 children, strong marriage and community presence. But is everything as it appears? When their family is put through fiery tragedy, the only things remaining will be what cannot be seared away. Will anything be left? 
 Love strikes a match where it will—Virginia Livingston and Dr. Bernard Thompson, in the eighties crowd, plan on tying the knot during the holidays. The plan that starts Sweetland buzzing will draw both sides of the McKenzie clan closer together. An unexpected event lets the “greatest generation” provide leadership and protection one more time.

This is the second Sweetland series where small town living is anything but small town.I am pleased to be a part of this writing team…one more time!

Order this romance mystery:
Order a gift for a friend! Short story, “Unseen,” from “‘Tis the Season in Sweetland” (Amazon)
or read the entire series, Tis the Season in Sweetland (My Helping Hands Press or Amazon)

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