Wedding Reception In My Yard?

Our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding reception was held in our yard. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Wedding reception


My husband went into hyperdrive about six months ahead of the event. I said, “Is it necessary?”
He looked at me as if I’d just arrived from Mars.
“Reception. Here. . . Yes.” Those were his words. But there was a determined gleam in his eye. Or was that desperation . . .

I said, “front yard.” Simple. He said,”back and side yard.” Not so simple?

He wanted to add a few things to the yard for the wedding reception.


Our friend Gene Hendrix owns a tree cutting business. They cut ten pine trees.

Then, we had a sod party. Don’t know what that is?

Six men. A truck of sod. Hard Work. Lots of water–for them and for the sod which needs to become lush grass. Quickly.

Hope. It. Happens. In. Time. (It did!)


Darrell selected plants. Lots of plants. Hydrangeas. Double knock out roses. Crepe myrtles. Lantana.

Hmmm. Did I neglect to mention I wanted him to build an arch since it was going to be in the side yard? A simple arch? Gulp. I forgot I was talking to an expert carpenter. He wanted to build an arch to beat all arches.

Bllue Hydrangea

And he did. Take a peek . . .

DHPitts Photography



I’d like to think our reception looked like a medieval festival complete with white tents, banquet tables, wind whistling through the trees. But maybe there were a few exceptions to that description . . .

Uninvited guests. If your yard is surrounded by woods, you know southern mosquitoes will zero-in on every moving target.

Our gracious neighbors, the Pittmans, loaned us some Tiki lights to provide ambience. Well, sort of–we hoped the mosquitoes would stay away.

I’m smiling. They did!

DHPitts Photography


I wasn’t able to order a cool breeze. In the middle of the afternoon it was a mite warm. but the daylilies stayed on high alert, undaunted by the sun’s rays.

Friends helped set up the area we called “Legacy Garden.”

Guests arrived through a ribboned walkway of metal posts fabricated by Rachel’s father, an expert welder. At the end of the pathway, we posted a memorial for Rachel’s paternal grandfather. This brought tears to everyone’s eyes. The greeting area flowed into the reception. Shaded by a large oak, a memorial to Jacob’s paternal grandparents caught the partygoers’ attention.

DHPitts Photography

The 250+ guests waited for the bride and groom. The trick was to keep the bountiful desserts and beverages looking good until they arrived. What a gathering of people! Friends and family–the eldest, over 90 and the youngest, a baby!

Music and a black and white checked dance floor. Where are the bride and groom?

 Come back for the next installment of “Wedding Reception” and to see what goodies lined those tables!


See you next time!

With affection and God’s care,

Diane and Darrell17306_10204146050236845_2192303622587368465_n


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