Welcome to High Cotton: Where Life Matters

I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope my words will encourage and challenge you.

I grew up in Selma, Alabama–the crossroads of southern living and the Civil Rights Movement–then moved to Mobile, Alabama. Both locales shape my writing. But I like to travel when family responsibilities and work permit.  (Scotland, oh, Scotland!)

I love to learn, so I picked up a few degrees along the way—nursing and physical therapy from the University of South Alabama and a doctorate from Des Moines University. Although no longer teaching at South Alabama, I am a physical therapist and clinical instructor for doctoral students in an outpatient setting.

My husband Darrell and I live in a close knit community outside of Mobile. Our lives are enriched by three sons, a daughter-in-law, and two rescued dogs. By God’s grace, I take part in the teaching and music ministry of a local church and sing with Bella Voce Mobile, a multicultural women’s chorus.

Faith, family, health. This is High Cotton, where life matters. And I hope life matters to you. 

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